Xiaomi Mi 11 is amazing and iPhone 12 sales continue to climb!

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iPhone 12

I believe that some fans who have been following Mingmei Infinite to this day should all know that the iPhone 12 series has been postponed for one month this year due to the influence of YQ. This is the first time in the history of Apple mobile phones that no new iPhone models have been released in September. However, the delayed release of the iPhone 12 series did not affect its overall sales. Instead, the delayed release allowed consumers to focus their purchasing power.

iPhone 12

This does not come from the latest monitoring of data research company CounterPoint showing that the overall iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter of this year increased by 21% compared to the same period last year, and Apple’s main contributor to this is the iPhone 12 series in December. Strong performance. Information shows that within six weeks after the release of the iPhone 12 series, except for the poor performance in the second week, the performance in the other five weeks was stronger than the iPhone 11 series in the same period last year.

iPhone 12

The data company specifically emphasized that the iPhone 12 series is in short supply in the domestic and North American markets. The information from Apple’s official website has not yet been spotted in China for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Currently buying the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max on Apple’s official website in China will still have to wait until January next year to receive the goods.

However, offline and some e-commerce platforms have begun to significantly reduce the prices of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, so it is a good choice as a gift for New Year’s Day or the Spring Festival.

Based on this momentum, it is inevitable that Apple’s iPhone 12 will surpass the glory of the iPhone 6 era!

However, although supply chain news shows that orders for iPhone 12/Pro parts in the first half of next year are still strong, it is expected that they will only be strong year-on-year and will decline from the previous month.

Judging from the situation of the previous generations of iPhones after the launch, the first quarter after the launch is usually the quarter with the highest sales, and sales in the next two quarters will gradually decline. Even the iPhone 12, which supports 5G network connection, is expected to find it difficult to get rid of this cyclical change, and its demand for parts and components will also experience obvious cyclical changes.

Recently, the foreign media iPhoneHacks named some of Apple’s best products in 2020, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is on the list. iPhoneHacks said, “Despite the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Apple has launched many products. The company was a little quiet in the first half of this year, but in the second half of the year, it launched at least one new product every month, which is very productive, such as Apple Watch Series 6, The iPad Air, iPhone 12 Pro Max, etc. are all impressive.”

So why does the iPhone 12 series have such a good performance? The survey shows that because of the late release time, the iPhone 12 is still a hot selling period in December. At the same time, it also caught up with Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the three shopping seasons, which also significantly increased the sales of iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

Mingmei Wuxian personally believes that the iPhone 12 has the following points. First of all, the iPhone 12 is Apple’s first 5G mobile phone. For Apple’s iron powder, it must be experienced for the first time, even without a charger. The other is that the shape of the iPhone 12 has finally changed. Although it is a return to the old shape, it can be considered a “new look”. This has also attracted many users. As for the performance improvement, they are all regular upgrades, and there are not many bright spots at all.

In addition, today Mingmei Wuxian wants to talk about it: Yesterday, Xiaomi Mi 11 was released. It can be said that it has earned enough attention on the whole network. Due to the good publicity, the selling point, and Lei Jun’s personal platform, the popularity can be regarded as the most domestic mobile phone of the year. , Since it is an Android flagship, it is inevitable to have some routine operations, such as comparing it with iPhone 12. This is the favorite thing of all media after the release of Android flagship, and this time is of course no exception. Up.

In terms of appearance, Mingmei Wuxian personally thinks that Xiaomi Mi 11 or iPhone 12 is slightly higher. After all, without the bangs, the screen-to-body ratio can be maximized. But let’s say that the technological content of the iPhone 12 is indeed leading. Android phones have been used for several years. Fortunately, Xiaomi Mi 11 has adopted the ultra-thin optical fingerprint solution provided by the domestic Goodix Technology. According to the actual operation effect, the experience is still good, which can be regarded as making up for the lack of face recognition. In the current environment, perhaps some people prefer to use fingerprint identification.

In addition, in this year’s iPhone 12 series, Apple has cancelled the random bonus of charging plugs and earphones for environmental protection reasons, and can be purchased separately if users need them. Due to the relatively high price of Apple’s official accessories, many users are eager to buy third-party magnetic chargers. But now it seems that Apple is going to take action to rectify this “chaos”.

According to reports, many iPhone 12 users have recently reported that when they were charging their phones with magnetic chargers, they suddenly popped up a prompt “This device does not support this accessory”, and then stopped charging. From the user feedback, most of the users who have such problems are because they use chargers that are not officially certified by Apple, and they have updated iOS 14.3.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the current iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are still not available from stock, while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have a larger discount in third-party channels.

So the question is, if you were allowed to choose, which one of the iPhone 12 series would you consider?

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Although Apple’s new iPhone 12 series this year is burdened by many unfriendly voices, for Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, this global sales champion at this stage has already given It is a belief signal of billions of apple fans around the world. Of course, our own new Xiaomi Mi 11 machine is also worth considering.

In this regard, if you have anything to say about Apple’s iPhone 12 and Xiaomi 11, you may leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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