The really fragrant iPhone 13 will come next year, and Guofen said: This time Apple did not squeeze toothpaste!

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iPhone 13

I believe that fans who continue to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should understand that the iPhone 12 has just been launched recently. From the feedback point of view, its performance is not particularly outstanding, but its sales are very high. Perhaps it is because the parts are out of stock, otherwise the sales of iPhone 12 should reach a higher target. Many people have also seen data on iPhone 12 sales.

iPhone 13

And in October, the sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have been among the top five in the world. And some analysts speculate that the iPhone 12 will enter a lot of volume early next year, and it may rise by 38%.

In fact, there is a fundamental reason why the iPhone 12 is so popular. In fact, it can use the 5G network. It is also the first 5G-enabled mobile phone under Apple. On the other hand, its design has been completely improved.

However, since the launch of the iPhone 12, many people have set their sights on the 13. As more and more news about the iPhone 13 is exposed, the attention of the iPhone 12 seems to be reduced.

Also, since the release of the iPhone 12, there has been a saying that “12 is not fragrant and 13 fragrant” has been circulating on the Internet. Although it is just a ridicule, it also vividly expresses the disappointment of some people with the iPhone 12. Some people may even have as this sentence said: give up buying iPhone 12, and wholeheartedly wait for the release of iPhone 13. At the same time, various rumors about the iPhone 13 on the Internet have never stopped.

iPhone 13

So it can be said that Wang Shouyi said that 12 is not incense, “13 incense.” So, is the iPhone 13 fragrant next year? Some information about iPhone 13 has been exposed online in advance. The following fans will follow the pace of Mingmei’s infinite sharing!

The first thing to say is that if nothing happens, the iPhone 13 series will meet you in September 2021. According to traditional practice, in addition to the A15 processor, the iPhone 13 also has a more advanced iOS operating system. However, these are nothing, and the screen and other designs are the highlights that everyone wants to see!

This does not mean that Apple is conducting research and development tests on the next-generation iPhone. The most obvious change is that the bangs on the phone have become smaller. At the same time, it is reported that Apple intends to fully adopt the front ToF lens for the new iPhone, and this also means that the mobile phone’s bangs may be further reduced, after all, the space that the ToF lens needs to occupy is not very large.

It is predicted that the iPhone 13 will adopt a full screen with a smaller frame, and it will also cancel the bang design. But Face ID will still be retained, which has to make users think of the latest under-screen camera technology. In fact, Apple has developed this technology for a long time, but the technical aspect needs more perfection and testing. I believe it can be used on iPhone 13 next year. In addition, Apple may also implant fingerprint technology under the screen to bring more convenience to users.

In addition, the iPhone 13 will be the first to use battery soft board technology, which is conducive to saving the internal space of the phone and reducing costs. The battery soft board technology means that the mobile phone battery no longer uses the ordinary hard printed circuit board before, but uses a brand new flexible circuit board, which can be made into various shapes, which helps to create More space to put a larger capacity battery.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the iPhone 13 will have stronger water resistance. At the same time, the wired charging interface will be eliminated on some models, which will allow users to adopt faster wireless charging technology.

iPhone 13

We know that Apple will be the first to cancel the standard charger in 2020, so the charger may really not be available in 2021, and users will directly start to choose a wireless charging board. Good is good, but the price may be more expensive.

In addition, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his colleagues recently visited Apple’s supply chain. According to their latest news, the iPhone 13 series will support the latest Wi-Fi 6E technical standards.

Wi-Fi 6E can be seen as an enhanced version of Wi-Fi 6 technology, which extends Wi-Fi 6 to the 6GHz frequency band.

Earlier this year, the Wi-Fi Alliance officially named this technology Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 6E includes the features and functions of Wi-Fi 6, including higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates.

After expanding to the 6GHz frequency band, the newly added frequency band has more airspace than the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, providing richer spectrum resources, higher performance, greater throughput and lower time. Extension.

In summary, Wi-Fi 6E is faster and has lower latency.

For Wi-Fi 6E, the outside world is generally very optimistic.

Even for ordinary consumers, they may not experience its technological advantages for a while, but everyone’s iPhone will usually be used for several years. New technologies will extend its service life and will not be eliminated too quickly.

The executives of the chip manufacturer Broadcom have previously stated that Wi-Fi 6E will be the most disruptive gospel for users in the next 20 years. The new technology will provide smoothness to smart phones, AR/VR devices and future smart wearable devices. User experience.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mingmei Wuxian today excludes some external factors, system bugs, software optimization, body antenna design, internal space structure, etc., which will also affect mobile phone signals. In other words, the reason that affects the iPhone signal is the phone itself.

The strength of the mobile phone signal is very important to users. Poor mobile phone signal may cause you to frequently drop calls due to high network latency when playing games; when viewing web pages with mobile browsers, users will have to wait for a long time; opening WeChat to reply to other people’s messages will prompt you to send failure.

Through many tests of foreign media, we found that Apple has not completely solved the iPhone’s signal problem. Perhaps it was affected by this year’s epidemic. The internal testing progress of the iPhone 12 series was slowed down, or other reasons. I hope that next year’s iPhone 13 series, Apple can give users a satisfactory answer.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: In reality, we see that Apple is basically upgrading every year, so will the iPhone 13 really change? This is still very worth looking forward to. If it is really what everyone imagined, is this year’s iPhone 12 bought early?

This also means that iPhone 13 will be greatly enhanced both in appearance and performance.

But so far, this is just a conceptual thing. The specific iPhone 13 looks like, I can only wait to see next year~

Finally, as far as the design and hardware parameters of the iPhone 13 are concerned, do you think you will temporarily abandon the iPhone 12 for the iPhone 13 and wait a few months? In addition, how much do you think the price of iPhone 13 is more appropriate?

So, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s iPhone 13, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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