Folding the iPhone or coming next year, the wallet of billions of apple fans will not be able to cover it again!

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As we all know, Apple’s mobile phone has been using the big bangs screen design since iPhoneX. I thought this would be changed on the iPhone 12, but Cook obviously didn’t follow your wishes. Recently, however, news broke that Apple has made a new move at the Foxconn foundry in Shenzhen. A prototype iPhone with a foldable screen is undergoing testing. It is expected that this model will be unveiled around 2022. Many netizens said excitedly: Goodbye to the big bangs of the iPhone!

Folding the iPhone

So, today, Mingmei will come to share with the fans who have been following me to this day about the latest things about Apple’s folding iPhone. Those who have not paid attention to Mingmei should get in the car quickly. apple fans should not get lost!

First of all, from the beginning of the test in 2018, to the advent of four brands and seven products in 2020, folding screen mobile phones seem to have become one of the development trends of future mobile phones. At least in the positioning of the flagship, the technological advancement of the folding screen has a natural charm. As a result, when having fun in the Android camp, Apple, which is good at producing high-end flagship phones, naturally has its own plans brewing.

Today, there is news that Foxconn is testing the assembly structure of two folding screen mobile phone designs, and both solutions have passed the test. It is reported that these two designs are from Apple. In other words, the folding screen iPhone is likely to come earlier than we expected.

Specifically, there are two devices currently being tested, one is a dual-screen model, not a folding screen; the other is a folding screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola RAZR.

According to Apple’s past strategy, the company will not be a pioneer of new technologies, but as long as it enters a certain field, the launched devices will perform very well, such as 5G iPhone, true wireless headset AirPods and so on.

Folding the iPhone

It was previously reported that Apple is building a perfect iPhone with bangs removed and a large enough screen. It is a folding screen version of the iPhone. It is expected to be released in 2022. The price starts at US$1,499, which is more than Ten thousand yuan.

Also based on previous information, the company may have purchased a foldable screen from Samsung, most likely to test the quality first. It has not been confirmed which display technology Apple intends to use on the foldable iPhone, but if everything goes according to plan, it may take three to four years to switch to micrOLED.

In addition, Proser’s sources have also revealed that there are two foldable iPhone prototypes being tested, one with two screens and the other with a flexible OLED screen. The source also said that these devices have passed durability tests and are currently being evaluated by Apple.

In November 2020, it was reported that Apple had sent a prototype of a foldable iPhone to Foxconn, and the hinge had been opened and closed more than 100,000 times, which seemed to be similar to the test just ended. Considering that there are multiple sources of rumors surrounding the foldable iPhone, especially rumors related to testing, these rumors may be very credible.

According to analysts’ estimates, the foldable iPhone will not be available until the end of 2022 or 2023 at the earliest. Apple has applied for a large number of patents related to the foldable iPhone as early as 2016, and the research and development of foldable devices seems likely to be making significant progress.

It is also reported that Apple has applied for a patent called “Foldable Electronic Device with Gear Hinge”, which may use the gear drive hinge on a foldable iPhone. These hinges allow the iPhone to fold inward or outward, like a flip book, to form a wrap-around screen.

It’s normal for Apple to take its time on new technologies. The good news here is that Apple is in no rush to launch a foldable iPhone. Apple is confident that it can provide a high-quality foldable experience, and we expect to see more innovations that are conducive to foldable devices, including better hinges and foldable glass display technology, to improve the durability of such devices. Not to mention that the price has dropped significantly. Even mobile phones like the Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola’s foldable Razr are more expensive than high-end ordinary flagship phones.

Folding the iPhone

Of course, if the final product does not meet Apple’s standards, there is no guarantee that Apple will continue to promote the foldable iPhone program. Apple’s patent proves that the company is researching various technologies, but not all technologies can be made into commercial products.

Since the design of these two phones is not Apple’s first, they can no longer lead the progress of mobile phones in terms of appearance. The focus is on the performance of these two phones in terms of multitasking and software adaptation. Although there are already many folding screen mobile phones on sale, they have not shown an absolute leading advantage compared with ordinary mobile phones. In recent years, Apple has been committed to multi-platform collaborative work. MacBook, iPhone, and iPad have begun to gradually unify the system. Perhaps Apple can clarify the development direction of folding screen mobile phones.

According to the current news from multiple channels, it is undoubted that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone, but the timing is uncertain, and it will not be listed in the short term. It is optimistic that it may be launched on the market in September 2022, so Netizens who want to experience the folding screen version of the iPhone still have to wait for a while, and the wallets of billions of apple fans will no longer be able to cover it!

In addition, today, by the way, the latest report claims that the new generation of iPhone 13 series will continue the existing model version plan, providing iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max four For each model, the screen size also adopts 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch solutions.

But at the same time, the new generation of iPhone 13 series will also bring other upgrades to the screen.

Among them, the lower positioning iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 will continue the traditional 60Hz LTPS OLED screen, while the higher positioning iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be upgraded to 120Hz LTPO OLED screen.

In other words, the highly anticipated 120Hz refresh rate will be officially implemented on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. At the same time, the LTPO technology applied in these two models will bring support for dynamic switching between 1Hz and 120Hz.

It is reported that LTPO provides a more energy-efficient backplane that can turn on and off individual pixels on the display and extend battery life. Based on this, the new generation of iPhone 13 series should be able to better balance the screen effect and battery life support.

In addition, Xiaomi is currently rumored to launch three folding screens, and folding screen patents such as OPPO and vivo have also been exposed. It seems that there will be more and more folding screen mobile phones from now on, and after the price of folding machines drops, they may be accepted by the public like ordinary mobile phones, which is expected.

I don’t know what kind of surprises the Apple folding screen will bring.

For the two exposed Apple folding screen phones, which one do you prefer?

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Apple is so anxious to enter the folding screen mobile phone market, because it will be too late if it does not enter, although Apple has inherent advantages. For example, as the latest manufacturer to enter 5G mobile phones, IPhone 12 has been released, and sales are much better than IPhone 11 in the same period. But Samsung, the big brother of folding screens, has developed to the third generation, and the price is becoming more and more civilian. Apple is also anxious. Samsung is currently developing a model of “SM-F720F”, a cheap version of the folding screen mobile phone, castrated 5G network in order to reduce manufacturing costs.

In the end, which brand of folding screen phone do you like?

In this regard, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s folding iPhone, you may wish to leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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