In 2021, is Apple’s iPhone 12 still worth starting?

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iPhone 12

The tossing 2020 has passed, and many of my friends may want to take advantage of the 2021 New Year to change to a new iPhone. There are too many new iPhone models that can be bought now. In the past few years, even 7 or 8 models of iPhone have been sold at the same time. The iPhone product line may never have been so complicated. So how can we choose the most suitable iPhone from these?

iPhone 12

On Apple’s official website, there are 5 iPhone models that are still on sale. Among them, each model of the iPhone 12 series is divided into two different sizes. In addition, two models of the iPhone 11pro series that have just been discontinued are also available on the market. It is indeed very complicated.

Although digital products buy new and not old, this sentence does not apply to iPhone. Why do you say that? First of all, the smoothness of the iPhone is obvious to all. Even now, the iPhone 6S released 5 years ago can still compete. This is why the iPhone has so many nail users.

As a loyal fan, Mingmei has been using iPhone since the launch of iPhone 5S. It has not been motivated to change the phone after changing to 8P the year before. However, the iPhone 12 released this year has made Mingmei have a better life. If you don’t want to change your phone, 5G is the second, mainly because of the tough design of the iPhone 12. However, after repeated weighings, Mingmei Infinite chose the iPhone 12. The reasons are as follows:

First of all, Apple’s position in the mobile phone industry has always been very high. This has also resulted in a toothpaste-style upgrade in the process of each generation of iPhone. Although consumers at home and abroad have not reduced the complaints about the iPhone, Apple seems to have not Did not follow up their own obvious shortcomings, on the contrary, the sales of each new generation of machines are getting more and more impressive.

This was not just on January 4, when the counterpoint research official microblog released a report saying that although the iPhone 12 was postponed until October 2020, it became the world’s best-selling 5G mobile phone only two weeks after its release. The iPhone 12 Pro became the second best-selling 5G mobile phone, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total sales of 5G smartphones in October.

iPhone 12

In addition, according to previous forecasts by many analysts, due to the addition of new designs, the total shipments of Apple models this year will be 210 million units, which is 20 million more than this year and last year, but the iPhone 12 is selling well. , So that this number has risen by 20 million.

However, it is worth noting that in Apple’s production increase requirements, the iPhone 12 is not a standout, and older models such as iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2 are also impressive. This is not surprising. The iPhone 11 is a very high-quality long-selling model. In the Double Eleven event last month, the iPhone 11 won the full-price sales champion on This is a relatively balanced configuration with the iPhone 11. And 5G fever is directly related to the reduction of fever.

But as the most popular 5G mobile phone in 2020, the iPhone 12 is obviously a highly recommended model. With a brand-new design, a stronger A14 processor, 5G network, etc., coupled with a smooth iOS 14 system, the overall experience of the iPhone 12 is satisfactory.

In terms of appearance, although Liu Haiping has remained unchanged for thousands of years, Apple has made some changes to the iPhone 12. iPhone 12 uses a new face-to-face frame, which looks tougher and gives people a refreshing feeling. At the same time, iPhone 12 also has a smaller holding experience, which can be operated with one hand. The bangs of the iPhone 12 have also been further reduced, and the frame has been visually narrower, and the display effect is also very good.

In addition, the new A14 processor uses a 5nm process and integrates 11.8 billion transistors to achieve high performance while maintaining low power consumption. In actual performance, the iPhone 12 Antutu has a total score of 564,000 points. Coupled with the excellent iOS 14 system and excellent optimization, it can run various mobile games excellently without worrying about the performance.

iPhone 12

In addition, Mingmei Unlimited’s 5G experience on iPhone 12:

At present, the place where I live is basically covered by 5G. When I used 4G before, the signal at home was really bad. There were basically only two or three bars. The hotspots were all on the computer. After the Internet was disconnected, watching videos or other things was quite stuck. If you use 5G now, the experience is great, and there is no trouble in this regard. There is also a speed measurement software, which can have 200-300mbps indoors, which is very smooth.

In addition, it is worth noting today that iPhone 12 has become the most popular 5G mobile phone in both the new market and the second-hand market. Second-hand market users have their own preferences for the color and capacity of the iPhone12 series. The most popular among them is black, followed by blue and sea blue. Among them, the most popular color of iPhone12 and iPhone12 mini is black, and the sea blue of iPhone12 Pro and iPhone12 Pro Max is more popular; in terms of capacity, the most popular capacity of iPhone12 series is 128G.

Stimulated by the iPhone 12, the progress of the replacement of old apple fans is accelerating, which to a certain extent also means the real arrival of the 5G replacement wave; on the other hand, it shows that consumers are becoming more and more smart: iPhoneX and iPhone 11 Models with a higher residual value can be sold at a higher price when they are replaced, thereby greatly reducing the financial pressure for replacement.

Finally, in general, since everyone’s habits are different, there is no way to generalize the question of whether to replace the phone. Of course, the success of the iPhone 12 is indeed obvious to all, and its high cost performance is also worthy of our consumer groups. Consider changing the phone, but Mingmei Infinite still recommends that you consume rationally, and do what you can is the most correct view of consumption.

In this regard, in 2021, do you think it is still worth buying Apple’s iPhone 12? May wish to leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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