The latest cheap version of AirPods Max has been exposed, and the apple fans are really fragrant after reading it!

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I believe that there are apple fans who continue to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. It should be clear that Apple held three press conferences last year. Each time it brought us a lot of surprises, of course, they focused on releasing a series each time. It is also rare to hold three large-scale conferences a year for the product, and the first headset is not so big. Although it is still very pleasant, the price has dissuaded many interested friends. And now the good news is coming, the cheap version of AirPods Max is under development.

cheap version of AirPods Max

So today, the following fans who have been following me to this day will follow the pace of Mingmei’s unlimited sharing!

First of all, it is well known that after the launch of AirPods Max, it was questioned by many netizens because of the price of as high as 4399 yuan. Although the first batch of stocks was sold out soon, the interest in subsequent discussions and purchases has decreased quickly. After all, for most users, spending more than 4,000 yuan to buy a pair of headphones is really unnecessary. Apple is obviously aware of this. Recently, there have been rumors that Apple is preparing a cheap version of AirPods Max, which will replace the metal material of AirPods Max with plastic material, and at the same time make certain reductions in function, and the price is It’s about $349.

It can be said that $349 is basically the main product price range of mainstream headset brands such as Sony and Sennheiser, and Apple also hopes to grab a certain market share from these mainstream brands. However, it is not clear how far Apple will reduce the configuration. If it is not much different from AirPods Max, then the cheap version of AirPods Max may be more worth starting.

But to disappoint everyone, with the price reduction, the configuration of this cheap version of AirPods Max headset will shrink accordingly. It is said that the cheap version of AirPods Max headphones may use plastic to replace the previous metal material. Although there is a certain compromise in texture, the weight will be reduced accordingly, which will bring users a more comfortable wearing experience.

cheap version of AirPods Max

As for whether other configurations will shrink with it, it is still unknown. But the whistleblower believes that Apple will not cancel the active noise reduction, spatial audio, transparent mode and other functions on the current products. After all, if you reduce the configuration too much and cut off the function, then the experience will be greatly reduced.

The only worrying thing now is what kind of market performance this new headset can achieve.

In addition, it is worth noting that recently, many AirPods Max users complained that the metal earmuffs caused a lot of condensation water droplets to appear during use of this headset and enter the driver. This has caused ear detection problems and condensation. When cold objects come into contact with warm and humid air, AirPods Max uses a lot of metal materials. In addition, it is currently in the cold winter. It is prone to condensation when worn out. Apple officials only say that “soft, dry, and lint-free” This problem can be solved by wiping the metal inner wall with cloth.

As of now, Apple has not confirmed this problem. However, if your AirPods Max suffers damage to the drive unit, you will most likely need to pay for repairs.

In addition, if Apple can really launch such a headset without reduction, then I believe it will gain the favor of many consumers. Judging from the time lapse of more than three years between Apple’s launch of HomePod mini and HomePod, it is expected that if Apple launches a friendly version of AirPods Max this time, it will help fans not to wait too long.

cheap version of AirPods Max

In addition, for other products, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will continue to promote the transition of Mac to self-developed chips in 2021. In addition, Apple will also launch iPad Pro and Mac products equipped with mini LED screens. The analyst has said that Apple will release redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in 2021. These models will use mini LED display technology and carry Apple chips.

Guo Mingchi also mentioned that the new AirPods will come out in 2021. The rumored AirPods Pro Lite will replace the non-Pro version of AirPods in Apple’s product line. It is said to have a similar or identical design to the current AirPods Pro.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuyou wants to say is: I believe it is the old fans of Mingmei Wuyou should understand that Apple can be said to be a spoiler in various fields, and it is doing better than the original big brother, such as this airpods wireless Bluetooth headsets are unmatched.

In this regard, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s cheap version of AirPods Max, you may wish to leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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