The iPad 9 is coming to light, and the old iPad only needs 799 to rejuvenate!

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iPad 9

I believe that there are apple fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Wuxian until now. As usual, Apple will release a wave of new products every spring. Due to the epidemic in 2020, Apple changed to online updates and released new spring products, including iPadPro, MacBookAir, etc.


The time comes to 2021. Under the epidemic situation, it is impossible to hold a large-scale offline conference, but Apple’s new spring products should not be absent.

Of course, Apple has always had a tradition of designing for a few years, the round home button design on the front of the iPhone in the non-full-screen era, and the bangs design in the full-screen era. Although the iPhone 12 series has changed the frame design, it still uses the right-angle frame that Apple has used before.

The iPad is no exception. According to foreign media reports, this year’s entry-level iPad (also known as iPad 9) will adopt a design similar to the iPad Air 3, while the appearance of the iPad Pro may not have changed.

The 9th generation iPad will have the same 10.2-inch display as the 8th generation, but the weight will be lighter, and the thickness of the product will be much thinner than previous generations, only 6.3mm, and the weight will be reduced to 460g.

iPad 9 will use Touch ID, Lightning port, fully laminated display, anti-reflective coating, P3 display and True Tone display.

The report also revealed some details about the upcoming iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro has no change in screen size, but the addition of the latest A-series chips will undoubtedly improve product performance. At the same time, the news did not mention any news that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to be equipped with a mini-LED display. It seems that the standard iPad will get minimal updates, while the top iPad Pro will get all the new features and hardware.

iPad 9

There is also previous news that the ninth-generation iPad may be available in the spring of 2021, but this may be an optimistic estimate, because the eighth-generation iPad was released in September last year. The ninth-generation iPad is equipped with a 10.5-inch display and uses the A13 chipset. The news also claimed that the price of the basic 64GB version of the new iPad will be reduced to US$299 (approximately 1929 yuan equivalent to RMB).

Generally speaking, it is very conscientious.

In addition, it is necessary to mention today that if your iPad encounters problems, you can make an appointment for testing and replacement. Apple’s products have always been famous for being expensive, whether it’s iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the price often exceeds 10,000 yuan. Many people also ridicule that Apple products are used by rich people because they are too expensive. In fact, the “expensiveness” of Apple products is not only reflected in the brand premium, but also in its services, but this is a part that few people know. For example, during this period of time, the popular 799 yuan can be used to “white prostitute” a brand new iPad, so is it true or not? For example, users with severely decreased iPad battery life can directly make an appointment to go to an AppleStore directly-operated store for diagnostic testing. As long as there is an abnormal battery detection, they can pay 799 yuan to replace the whole machine. But if the model is too old, Apple officially does not have a new battery to replace, the official will provide a new iPad, in short, can guarantee your rights.

What are the precautions? When you want to change 799 yuan for a new one, don’t tell the after-sales staff that I need a new one, that is, don’t directly ask the customer service if there is this activity, just say that the battery is not working, and then follow the script.

Of course, there is one more thing to note. Some friends have reported that the battery life of their software query is 78%, but after Apple’s after-sales service, the battery life you query is 82%, which is a waste of time. So if you want to enjoy this service, you can ask The customer service performed a remote diagnosis in advance (Ace and Hourglass are for reference only, subject to the official standard), and then change it after confirmation.


Let me tell you quietly that if you take the National Bank version of the iPhone to a foreign Apple store for after-sales, it can still be replaced.

In addition, based on the current feedback from netizens, iPad Air and iPad Air2 inventory seems to be in short supply, and many users of these two iPads have successfully switched to the updated iPad.

In summary, if your iPad is not a discontinued product, the screen is not damaged, there is no water ingress, the battery capacity is less than 80%, and Apple has no stock after sales, there is a high probability that you will get an updated iPad.

Before the replacement, Apple will also confirm with you whether to replace it. You can consider whether the replacement of the new iPad is worth 799 yuan or not if it is not cost-effective. The choice is entirely up to the user.

Quickly take out the iPad in the drawer to wipe the dust, maybe it will be a second spring.

In addition, Mingmei Wuxian recommends that everyone try to choose official channels and ask for invoices when buying iPads. Even if you are buying second-hand iPads, try to choose uninsured and invoiced ones. Only when there is a problem can the legitimate rights and interests be maintained.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: Apple made the tablet computer into the full-screen era, but on the entry-level iPad, neither of the two generations of products launched a full-screen design. The iPad Air 4 has also brought the iPad Air series into the full-screen era. It is rumored that the iPad mini series will also use the full-screen function. So far only the iPad series has not yet used the full-screen design. The demand for iPhone seems to be not as strong as that of mobile phones. Instead, cost-effectiveness has become the most critical point, which is why the iPad 8 is still popular in the market after the launch.

Therefore, based on past experience, Apple may update the iPad series this spring, and fans who want to replace the new phone should pay close attention.

So, if you have anything to say about Apple’s latest iPad exposure or the old iPad trade-in event, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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