iOS 14.2 closed downgrade, AirTag ushered in heavy exposure

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iOS 14.2

I believe there are fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Unlimited. Last month, the official version of iOS 14.3 was launched.

iOS 14.2

iOS 14.2 closed downgrade, AirTag ushered in heavy exposure
It has been confirmed that Apple has closed the verification channels for iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1 from now on. This means that users who regretted upgrading to iOS 14.3 have no choice but to downgrade.

Among the many changes in iOS 14.3, unlocking ProRAW format images for iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max is one of the main highlights. ProRAW was mentioned as early as at the iPhone 12 conference, but it was not officially launched until last month.

As for iOS 14.2, a batch of new emoticons, wallpapers and support for HomePod intercom function have been introduced. iOS 14.2.1 further fixes specific BUGs that appeared on iPhone 12 models.

Although some users may have downgrade requirements, in terms of functionality, security, and stability, keeping the system in sync is the best choice. After the iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1 verification channels are closed, the only possible downgrade now is to roll back from iOS 14.4 Beta to iOS 14.3.

iOS 14

In addition, Mingmei has learned that Apple usually stops verifying the old version of iOS within a few weeks after pushing the official version update.

iOS 14.2 is the first iOS official version update after the iPhone 12 series is released. iOS 14.2 brings more than 100 new emojis. At the same time, the optimized battery charging of AirPods can slow down the battery aging rate by reducing the time for AirPods to fully charge.

For some users who update to the latest iOS system, when they encounter major bugs, the downgrade method is sometimes very effective. This is also the reason why Apple will wait for a while before closing the verification channel of the old iOS system.

Therefore, it is impossible for some users who upgraded to iOS14.3 to downgrade.

Some users who have upgraded to iOS 14.3 are not as easy to use as iOS 14.2. The specific manifestations are stuttering, the noise reduction of the headset is not as good as before, some small components cannot be removed, and the signal is poor.

But starting today, iOS 14.3 can no longer be downgraded.

Every time Apple releases a new iOS system, it will basically receive complaints from users. The latest iOS 14.4 beta 1 also has problems such as freezes and severe frame drops. We can only wait for Apple’s next system update to solve the bug. .

iOS 14.2 closed downgrade, AirTag ushered in heavy exposure
In addition, it is worth mentioning today that in the past 2020, most of the news products have come as scheduled, such as iPhone SE2, iPad Air4, iPhone 12 series, and Apple’s first headset AirPods Max wait. Only two products have only appeared in the news, but they have never met with us. One is the AirPower wireless charging pillow that has long been “dead”, and the other is the Airtags Bluetooth tracker.

iOS 14

Whether AirPower will “resurrect” is still hard to say, but Airtags should be coming soon.

This is not based on the latest news. Twitter whistleblower Evan Blass shared AirTag related accessories, including AirTag keychains and glasses frames. These accessories are from Nomad, a well-known accessory company. The company is mainly known for producing a series of products such as protective cases for Apple devices and chargers.

Judging from the leaked pictures, the key chain designed by Nomad uses a thin leather shell with a square design in the middle. Is there a square version of AirTag? The spectacle frame seems to be more reasonable, using a prototype design.

In addition, according to images leaked by early iOS, AirTag is a circular tag with built-in Bluetooth and ultra-bandwidth technology. It is small in size and convenient for location tracking. Users can find information about this device through “Find My App” on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

It is not clear how the AirTag is attached to the object, it may be through magnetic force or key ring. However, there is not much news about its details.

There are signs of AirTag since iOS 13, and there are rumors that Apple plans to release it in 2020, but in the end it did not. Earlier this month, Apple analyst Mingqi Guo said that Apple will release it sometime in 2021, but he did not provide more specific information.

However, some foreign media reported that the AirTag item tracker technology uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is a pulsed radio technology that transmits data through nanosecond pulses between transceivers. Its advantages are also low transmission power and low power consumption for equipment; high multi-path resolution and high transmission signal strength; good system confidentiality, data transmission using this technology is not easy to be cracked, and high security; penetration ability Strong, not restricted by reinforced concrete signals in many building places; high positioning accuracy; in simple terms, UWB technology data transmission is fast, safe and accurate in positioning.

This is used in conjunction with the iPhone 11 and 12 series, which are equipped with ultra-wideband chips in the last two generations, to achieve more accurate results than mainstream Bluetooth trackers such as Tile. After using this function, you will no longer be afraid of missing items such as mobile phones, watches, earphones, keys, etc. It is simply a necessary artifact for carelessness!

So it can be said that when something is lost, not only can its location be checked through the iPhone, AirTag will also make a sound to remind the user of the location of the lost item.

The iOS 13 system has a function. When the iPhone is lost, even when it is not connected to the Internet, it can be located with the help of someone else’s Apple device, so that the owner knows where it is. It is expected that AirTag will have similar functions.

iOS 14.2 closed downgrade, AirTag ushered in heavy exposure
Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: this year’s iOS 14 system has a good overall stability performance. Of course, software bugs cannot be avoided, but there are no major problems affecting the use. The new features of iOS 14 are also very popular. For example, personalized desktop widgets make your desktop no longer monotonous, picture-in-picture is more suitable for multitasking, and the notification bar is more user-friendly. Of course, there are still some new changes in iOS 14 that are controversial, such as the App resource library. Some users hope that Apple can add a switch for it, allowing users to freely choose whether to enable it.

So, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s AirTag and the suspension of iOS 14.2 downgrade, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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