iPhone 13 is the most exposed, is iPhone 12 bought early?

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iPhone 13

The preface of this article: The iPhone 12 has been jokingly called the iPhone 11 that supports 5G, and the experience is really hard to be perfect. As the dust settles on the new iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 series to be released in 2021 has surfaced. “Wang Shouyi said thirteen incense” stems began to appear on the Internet. It seems that the iPhone 12’s regrets will be left to the iPhone 13 to make up for it.

iPhone 13

I believe that some fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should all know that the release of the iPhone 12 series is very different from previous years. While meeting the psychological needs of consumers for 5G functions, the configuration is also very “hard core”, such as performance. The bursting A14 processor, the textured metal outer frame, and the glass screen injected with nano-ceramic crystals. Once the iPhone 12 series was released, sales have remained high.

This is not based on the global 5G mobile phone shipments in October last year announced by the market research agency Counterpoint Research. In just half a month, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models won four points of the total shipments in October. First, in November, the domestic activation rate of iPhone 12 accounted for as high as 18%, which was once again far ahead. The release of iPhone 12 can be said to have created a miracle in the field of smart phones!

But at the beginning of the new year 2021, Apple’s products have also begun a new round of exposure. After the release of iPhone 12, the industry chain’s attention has shifted to iPhone 13, and related news about iPhone 13 has been leaked.

Foreign media reported that Samsung and LG are still the main screen suppliers for the iPhone 13 series, while Samsung is mainly responsible for the screens of the iPhone 13 Pro series.

iPhone 13

Reports show that the size of the iPhone 13 Pro series is still 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, both of which will support a 120Hz refresh rate, and use LTPO-TFT panels to reduce the pressure on power consumption at high refresh rates.

In addition, it is said that the iPhone 13 Pro series will also support synchronization technologies like Freesync at the system level to reduce screen stuttering and tearing.

As LG’s LTPO solution is not yet mature, it can only supply standard LTPS panels on the iPhone 13 series.

In addition to the panel, it is said that all four iPhone 13 models will use RFPCB. At present, only 5.4-inch mini and 6.7-inch Pro Max on the iPhone 12 are such motherboards, which have the advantage of faster display and touch response.

In addition, Samsung’s OLED panel for iPhone 13 will be based on M11 luminescent material, and S21 will be launched. The green part of the M11 luminescent material is self-sufficient by Samsung, while the red and green materials come from Deshan and Doosan.

As for whether the rumored BOE can successfully enter Apple’s supply chain is still unknown, I am afraid it will not be known until the iPhone 13 is released.

By the way, it is understood that most of the OLED displays on mobile phone screens previously used LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) technology, and the same is true for iPhone 12 series models, but this technology will make the screen power consumption obvious at high refresh rates. Increase, which is also considered to be the main reason why the iPhone 12 does not have a high brush.

iPhone 13

LTPO is a different OLED production technology, the full name is Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide, and the Chinese name is “Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide”. Compared with the previous LTPS (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor) technology, it has higher charge mobility, The advantages of faster pixel response, not only can support a higher refresh rate, but also greatly reduce screen power consumption.

However, for users, in addition to hope that the iPhone 13 supports high brushes, the increase in battery capacity is believed to be what everyone is looking forward to.

In addition, in addition to the enhancement of screen display technology, Jon Prosser has previously revealed that Apple may fully enable ToF lenses on the iPhone 13 series to reduce the volume of the 3D structured light module and make the screen notch area Reduced.

In addition, Apple has applied for a patented under-screen fingerprint technology many times before. This technology uses infrared light and penetrating display imaging technology without using the physical Home button, and can use Touch ID on the iPhone.

Compared with Face ID, under-screen fingerprint technology is more convenient to unlock during the epidemic. And if Apple abandons Face ID, the under-screen fingerprint technology will also help Apple achieve a true full-screen form on the iPhone, which is worth looking forward to.

It can be said that since the iPhone X, Apple has cancelled the fingerprint unlocking technology and switched to Face ID. Since the Face ID unlocked, there has been a lot of negative news. More users indicate that they are more inclined to fingerprint unlocking than face unlocking, which can make them more effective in protecting privacy or more convenient. And Face ID will cause the recognition rate to drop in some dark light situations, making it more troublesome to use.

Since the epidemic last year, as everyone has the awareness of wearing masks, I believe everyone has the same confusion as Mingmei Infinity. It is a very annoying thing to unlock the phone every time outside. If the iPhone 13 really returns to fingerprint unlocking technology, then this is also something to look forward to.

In other respects, according to forecasts by foreign media, the iPhone 13 series will continue the current iPhone 12 series, bringing four models. The four models are the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini, the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro/Max and the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Finally, according to the previously exposed news, iPhone13 will be the generation that has changed the most since these generations of iPhone (although the outside world has this expectation at the beginning of each new iPhone generation), for example, it will finally abandon the “Liu Haiping” that has been used for many years. Instead, use the popular “hole digging screen”, with a resolution of up to 2K, and will also support a 120Hz refresh rate. On the back of the fuselage, the lens module of the iPhone 13 will no longer be convex, and share the same glass with the fuselage, and its layout will also undergo major changes. In addition, things like the A15 bionic processor, Wi-Fi 6E technology, and new fast charging are also being upgraded.

Of course, there is still a long time before the debut of the new iPhone in 2021, and most of the news is still in the speculation stage, but this also fully demonstrates the eagerness of users for Apple’s new generation of iPhone to truly make changes. More detailed information, we will wait and see.

In the end, what Mingmei wants to say is: Looking at the two camps of Apple and Android, Android has been catching up with Apple in recent years. Various “black technologies” are constantly being updated and developed, so Apple’s The advantage is getting smaller and smaller. But in fact, it’s not that Apple doesn’t have the strength to use these black technologies in the Android camp, because Apple has a wealth of money, high-brush, fast-charging technologies Apple can get.

But why is Apple squeezing toothpaste? In fact, there are only two words-profit. It is said that Cook is a businessman. This is true. Apple has used a design for a few years and has been charging with 5V/1A power. There is no high brush. In fact, it is in preparation for the future “toothpaste”. Because when the progress of technological development is slow, only by doing so can one’s own profits be maximized. A new technology is released every year to increase users’ desire to buy and make users pay. This is Cook’s “little cleverness.”

So in fact, Ming Mei Wu Wu personally thinks that this is actually a kind of Apple’s marketing routine. Doesn’t Apple have high-tech technology? Yes, the 120Hz refresh rate has been implemented on the previous iPad Pro. Does Apple have no fast charging technology? There must be some. Even if Apple Inc. buys it, it can also buy fast charging technology. The 12-megapixel lens has been used for a few years. Is it true that Apple can’t take pictures? No, the 12 million lens can still get the fourth place of Dxo last year, which is better than most domestic mobile phones with tens of millions of pixels. And the lens module can certainly be bought by Apple, but these improvements Apple does not want to let go, because this “toothpaste” method is the effect Cook wants, so as to maximize their profits.

For the iPhone 13 series, Mingmei Wuxian’s idea is this: the appearance design and measurements will not change significantly, and the main upgrades are still in the screen, chip and camera. The current news has officially upgraded these three aspects. In addition, Mingmei Unlimited has three small expectations: dual-card dual-standby for all series, battery life and fast charging have been improved, and the price should not be too expensive.

At the end of today’s article, it’s worth mentioning that the new iPhone 13 series in 2021 will not be postponed until October like the iPhone 12 series, but will be released in September as usual. And the sale will not be postponed.

If these exposure information is true, then the expected value of the iPhone 13 will definitely become very high, and it also means that the Apple 12 mobile phone is really bought early this time.

Compared with the exposure information of the iPhone13, the iPhone12 really has no reason to play, so when the news of the new machine appears, it means that the apple fan’s choice may be early.

Although the iPhone12 series has changed in appearance and configuration, it is still “innovative” compared to Android phones.

So seeing the iPhone 13 with such a configuration, are you still planning to buy the current iPhone 12?

So in summary, do you think the iPhone 13 will become a “true fragrance machine”? In this regard, if you have anything to say about Mingmei Wuxue’s latest and complete exposure of Apple’s iPhone 13 today, please leave a message in the comment area for Mingmei Wuxie to participate in the discussion!


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