iPhone SE3 ushered in the latest exposure, plan to come in April?

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iPhone SE3

To say which mobile phone was the most failed last year, Ming Mei Xingmei felt that it should be the Apple iPhone12 mini. On the iPhone12 mini, Mingmei seems to have seen the failed model iPhone5C that even Apple didn’t want to mention. What’s more interesting is that even the iPhone12mini has the same routines as the iPhone5C, which is simply twins.

iPhone SE3

For example, the iPhone12 mini, like the iPhone5C, was extremely optimistic about the outside world when it was exposed before the release, and it was believed that it would definitely be an explosive model once it was released. However, after the release, sales and word-of-mouth directly made Apple confused.

But what Ming Mei Wu has to say today is that after getting used to large-screen phones, some users still prefer small-screen phones. The small-screen iPhone iPhone SE2 launched by Apple last year relies on powerful hardware configuration and cheap The price is very popular among users.

The iPhoneSe2 mobile phone is equipped with the A13 processor and adopts the appearance design of the iPhone8. After the launch of the iPhoneSe2 mobile phone, some users are more concerned about when the iPhoneSE3 mobile phone will be released. Now Apple iPhoneSE3 mobile phone has new news.

This is not based on the Japanese blog Mac Otakara’s report that Apple’s third-generation iPhoneSE mobile phone iPhoneSE3 is scheduled to be released in April 2021. Mac Otakara reported that this information comes from the Chinese supply chain.

iPhone 12 mini

In addition, there have been some news about the iPhone SE3. In terms of the screen, it is reported that the iPhone SE3 will increase in size, most likely to be 5.5 inches or 6.1 inches, and then the appearance will be changed to a full-screen design. Therefore, iPhone SE3 also canceled the physical fingerprint button design and changed to a side fingerprint recognition solution.

In addition, many users are most concerned about its performance. It is not difficult to speculate that it should be equipped with A14 chip, and its performance will be improved accordingly. It is not inferior to iPhone 12 and can also use 5G technology, so it is in battery life. Consumers can rest assured in performance.

By the way, Guo Mingchi, an analyst at Tianfeng International, predicts that the iPhone SE3 will be released until the second half of this year, and the starting price will be around 3,500 yuan.

In addition, Ming Mei infinitely summarizes the latest exposure of Apple’s iPhone SE3: It is reported that the iPhone SE3 will be equipped with the latest 5nm process A14 bionic chip, using a 6.1-inch LCD notch with a ppi of 326, and a thicker frame. , The camera should be unchanged, consistent with iPhone11, support IP67 waterproof and wireless charging function, of course, after upgrading the processor, it must support dual-mode 5G network, so this machine is also likely to become the cheapest 5G Apple product, provided that iPhone12 Mini does not dive so fast.

Of course, there is no more news about the iPhoneSe3 mobile phone, and all these revelations are not necessarily accurate.

iPhone SE

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: there are different opinions on the content of the third-generation iPhone SE, but in what form this phone will be presented to us, we still don’t know! Regarding the release time of the new iPhone, it is inferred from the usual situation that it will meet with us in March and April 2021. In reality, the third generation of iPhone SE has a very high possibility and is also everyone’s opinion. Speculation. Like everyone else, Mingmei Infinite still hopes that Apple will continue to release new SE products, so that Apple can fill the gap in the mid-range mobile phone market. As for the choice, everyone knows that if you have a budget of 3,000 yuan and a similar screen size, should you buy a mid-range Android phone or a high-end SE?

Well, about the related content of the third-generation iPhone SE, Ming Mei Wu is here to talk to everyone. If you have anything else you want to know, you can leave a message directly at the bottom of the article to Ming Mei Wu to participate in the discussion.


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