iOS 14.4 Beta 2 is finally here, and the official version has to wait!!

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iOS 14.4

I believe that some fans who have been following Mingmei Wuxian should understand that after the release of iOS 14.4 Beta 1, the United States entered the Christmas holiday. After a month, Apple released iOS 14.4 Beta 2 to developers today. Developers can download through the Apple Developer Center, and users who have joined the Beta test project can also update through OTA.

iOS 14

The size of this update package is only about 340M, and the updated version number is (18D5043d). Although more than a month has passed, the iOS 14.4 Beta2 still did not bring a relatively large update. According to Apple’s official update prompt, this update is still mainly focused on fixing bugs and optimizing the system.

First of all, Apple added a new feature on iOS 14.4 Beta 2 to specify the device type for third-party Bluetooth audio devices, so that the device can correctly measure the headset audio level.

The iPhone will track the audio level of the headset, and the system will alert the user if the music played for a long time may damage hearing health.

Judging from the first two beta versions, improving device performance and enhancing system stability are the main tasks of iOS 14.4.

In addition, iOS 14.4 also added support for HomePod mini, which brings an audio relay function.

The interactive features of HomePod mini and iPhone 11/12 that have been installed in the previous version have been fully rolled out in this version. When the iPhone with the built-in U1 chip projects the playing multimedia to the HomePod mini, there will be visual, audio and tactile effects. Specifically, when the iPhone 11/12 keeps getting closer to the HomePod mini, the system UI, vibration feedback amplitude, etc. will change. This is an interaction formed by using the U1 chip to sense the position relationship.

iOS 14

The new “relay” function provides larger album art, transmission control, volume control and an air-play button to transmit audio. Tap the album cover to open the source audio application on the iPhone.

Except for this small change, there seems to be no other changes in the new version. The green screen bug of iPhone 12 has not been fixed as far as I know. This problem has also been encountered with my iPhone 12, but it is usually not visible.

In addition, Apple also released tvOS 14.4 Beta 2 and macOS Big Sur 11.2 Beta. Of course, watchOS 7.2 Beta 2 is also available.

iOS 14.4 Developer Beta 2, version number: 18D5043d;

tvOS 14.4 developer Beta 2, version number: 18K5793d;

iPadOS 14.4 Developer Beta 2, version number: 18D5043d;

WatchOS 7.2 developer Beta 2, version number: 18S5793d.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that many users of this update report that the frame drop problem in the previous version has been fixed.

So to sum up iOS 14.4 beta 2 Bugs:

The problem of greenish OLED screens at low brightness still exists in iOS 14.4;

The issue of frame dropping when switching pages, opening and closing apps has been fixed in iOS 14.4.

Old rules, Mingmei unlimited upgrade suggestions:

If you have upgraded iOS14.4Beta1, you can continue to upgrade, and there is no need to upgrade this version if you are still in other official versions.

It is expected that the official version of iOS 14.4 will arrive around the Spring Festival. Those who want to upgrade the official version of iOS 14.4 will have to wait.

In addition, in addition to the new beta version of iOS 14.4, some netizens have recently discovered that AirTag’s search item function is hidden in the “Find” application of the iOS 14 system.

Of course, this feature is not hidden in the code, you can open it by typing a URL on the iPhone.

You can enter the following URL in the iPhone’s safari browser to try to enable the hidden function of AirTag.


The system will prompt whether to open this page in “Find”, click Open, you can see AirTag’s daily item tracking function.


Although there have been a lot of revelations about AirTags, Apple has not disclosed any news about the release time.

Judging from the latest findings of the iOS 14 system, AirTag is not far from the release.

Finally, it is reported that in the “Physical Training” section of the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, there is a new “Walk Time” function, which also includes the option to “Add the latest exercise content to the watch”. Earlier this month, there were reports that Apple was planning to add guided walking exercises to the watchOS 7.3 beta.

In the end, Mingmei Wuxian will summarize: ordinary users are not recommended to upgrade to the developer beta. As the name suggests, there are many potential problems in the “Developer Beta” waiting for developers to test and fix, which is usually not suitable for daily use.

Well, the updated Mingmei Infinite apple Fans, might as well talk about the experience of using this version below. If you have anything else to say about the latest beta version of iOS 14.4 Beta 2 that Apple just released today, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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