Buying iPhone 12 or waiting for iPhone 13, billions of apple fans are going to quarrel again!

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iPhone 13

Time flies, it’s mid-January 2021, and almost two months have passed since the release of the iPhone 12. Some friends who want to buy a new Apple mobile phone after the New Year have started a new round of entanglement:

iPhone 13

So, the majority of apple fans always have a soul torture: Should I buy an iPhone 12 or should I wait to buy an iPhone 13?

Today, Mingmei Wuxian will come to share with the many fans who have been following me to this day about the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 13.

First of all, although the iPhone 12 Pro is still in intensive production, Apple has obviously begun to polish the iPhone 13.

It is not reported that some workshops of the Foxconn Shenzhen factory are about to enter the first stage of iPhone 13 proofing. It is understood that proofing is generally divided into design modules, corrections, finalization, and mass production. It usually takes 9 months from proofing to mass production.

According to Apple’s annual practice, the new generation of iPhone is usually released in September each year. Last year, due to the epidemic, the iPhone 12 series was postponed.

iPhone 12

In addition, judging from the news, Apple will still release four iPhone 13 models this year, with the appearance and screen size corresponding to last year’s iPhone 12 series. However, the iPhone 13 series is likely to be equipped with an A15 processor, Qualcomm X60 baseband, fingerprint unlocking support, and increased battery capacity.

Among them, the Apple A15 processor will be built by TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process (N5P), which is more stable than the A14, and power consumption will also be improved. The Snapdragon X60 is Qualcomm’s current most advanced modem and radio frequency system. It is the world’s first 5nm5G baseband chip to support global multi-SIM cards and is compatible with 4G, 3G, 2G and NSA/SA networking.

Also at this year’s CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), Qualcomm demonstrated its new under-screen fingerprint technology to users. Compared with the previous generation, the new technology not only has a faster recognition speed, its sensing area has also been further expanded, and the module thickness has been further reduced to 0.2 mm.

It is reported that Apple has secretly tested Qualcomm’s under-screen fingerprint sensor, which is expected to be used on the iPhone. In other words, on this year’s iPhone 13, we may be able to see the fingerprint unlock function under the screen.

iPhone 13

In addition, according to the previous statement, there is not much difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 series. However, the height and width of the iPhone 13 series are the same as the iPhone 12 series, but the thickness will increase by 0.26 mm.

The iPhone 13 rear camera module will increase by 0.9 mm, and Apple plans to use sapphire glass to cover the entire camera module. The camera module of the iPhone 13 is similar to the 2020 iPad Pro, with a smaller protrusion. It also uses an LTPO OLED display that supports a 120Hz refresh rate.

With the LTPO OLED screen, Apple naturally does not have to worry about the driver chip problem. Of course, it is also due to supply chain issues. The iPhone 13 may not all be equipped with a standard 120Hz refresh rate screen, but still only load on the Pro model. We don’t know if this is Apple’s sales strategy or is it really unable to meet the standard configuration of the whole system. Anyway, the most reliable argument is that if you want a holographic standard 120Hz screen, the majority of apple fans have to wait another year, that is iPhone 14.

Of course, in terms of signal, the iPhone 13 will adopt the method of external Qualcomm baseband, so we don’t have to have much expectations for the signal of the iPhone 13, after all, the signal gate is a curse that has plagued Apple phones since the iPhone 4 era. , It has not been solved for 10 years. Before Apple has fully optimized its own hardware, the signal problem may not be solved in a short time.

Let’s take a look at the network speed. According to the truth, millimeter wave is indeed more accurate than centimeter wave. However, the development cost of millimeter wave base stations is very high and the coverage area of ​​base stations is very small. Therefore, unless millimeter wave base stations are widely and densely laid across the world, The Internet speed of iPhone 13 is still unable to reach the peak value of 5G Internet speed applications in most areas.

It is worth mentioning today that, according to Internet rumors, the sale price of iPhone13mini is about 4800 yuan, which will greatly enhance Apple’s sales competitiveness next year.

At present, there are still many upgrade points for the iPhone 13, and most of the shortcomings of the iPhone 12 have been fixed in the iPhone 13. Will you wait for the second generation of 5nm, or choose iPhone 12?

In addition, today I have to mention that by the way, reports say that the new iPad mini will be released in March this year.

According to information provided by Chinese suppliers, the screen size of the next-generation iPad mini will increase from 7.9 inches to 8.4 inches.

The new iPad mini will adopt a narrow-side design similar to the iPad Air (third generation), and will continue to retain the Touch ID and lightning interface.

Judging from the current rumors, a variety of iPad products will be updated this spring, including iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini.

Friends who are interested in these iPads can wait.

Finally, that is to say, the iPhone 13 is actually still very early stage, at least until May and June Foxconn can determine the appearance and details of the iPhone 13, it is still in the most primitive development stage.

From the internal news, the iPhone 13 does not have much difference in appearance compared to the iPhone 12, except that it has added internal upgrades such as the full range of radar scanners and the 120Hz screen refresh rate of Max devices.

Not surprisingly, iPhone13 will be launched in September this year.

In the end, Mingmei will sum up: To sum up, there are a lot of news on the iPhone 13 on the Internet, such as the high brush of the mobile phone, the resolution of the signal problem, the battery life, the color, etc., but the specific news still has to wait. Apple officially announced.

As we all know, the iPhone has not improved greatly in each generation over the past few years. If you really want to change your phone, you can buy the iPhone 12 first, and enjoy it early. If you like iPhone 13 better, you can add some money to trade in the old one.

In this regard, with the news that the iPhone 13 will be proofed, these major upgrade points of the iPhone 13 are basically no suspense. Does this meet your expectations for the Apple iPhone 13? If you still have to wait for iPhone 13 to start buying iPhone 12 now, there is anything else you want to say, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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