Apple’s next-generation iPhone 12s will undoubtedly become a classic!

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iPhone 12S

I believe that there are fans who continue to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. Apple launched the iPhone 12 series before Double 12 in 2020, which caused a lot of heat. Many netizens said that they are spreading the slogan “Don’t buy iPhone 12, 12 no “13 Fragrance”, this stalk is also from Wang Shouyi’s “Thirteen Fragrance”. Netizens who still don’t understand this stalk can fill up their brains and search online. 12 Is there really no 13 incense? No, since the launch of the iPhone 12, a certain platform has shipped 1 million units in a single month. It is not difficult to see that the iPhone 12 is still very fragrant.

iPhone 12S

However, a person familiar with the matter disclosed information about the press conference this fall. It is understood that the new iPhone model this year is called iPhone 12s, not the iPhone 13 rumored on the Internet.

If this year’s iPhone is really named iPhone 12s, it means that its design is basically similar to the former, and the main change this time will be a hardware upgrade.

In addition, today, by the way, this is related to a custom in most Western countries in Europe and America. They are quite evasive about the number 13, especially on Friday the 13th, which is not only a legend. In the story, Jesus was nailed to the cross on Friday the 13th, and many major events in history occurred on “Black Friday.”

For example, Black Friday in 1869 saw a major slump in the U.S. financial market, Black Friday in 1919, Glasgow workers’ strike, Black Friday in 1939 in Australia, a bushfire, and Black Friday in 1982 in the Falkland Islands, Britain and Argentina. Conflicts and so on, so they are naturally very taboo about this number, and Microsoft has jumped the version of Office from 12 to 14 before.

Of course, in Mingmei’s personal opinion, Apple’s change of naming is not only because of the customs, but also the performance of their return to classic selling. After all, it can be seen from the tough appearance of the iPhone 12 that they are returning to the classic design. The name will also be changed accordingly, and it is estimated that many people will eat this set.

iPhone 13

So, today, let’s take a look at the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 13 with Mingmei Infinity and the majority of fans!

First of all, in terms of design, the biggest surprise brought by the iPhone 13 Pro is the change of bangs. It can be seen from the concept map that the bangs of the iPhone 13 Pro are at least half shorter than the original. The narrow bangs increase the screen-to-body ratio and the appearance value also rises a lot. The face-to-face screen that Apple has always insisted on is also very distinctive. It can be said that the iPhone 13 Pro is the most attractive and most distinctive Apple phone in recent years. It is highly recognized in the smart phone market today.

In terms of functions, after the iPhone 13 Pro has shortened the bangs, it also adds an under-screen fingerprint unlocking function. This function uses Qualcomm’s chip and is the fourth generation of ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. The iPhone 13 Pro screen should be thinner, because the integration of the internal and external screens greatly improves the recognition and success rate of fingerprint unlocking. The dual biometric unlocking of 3D face recognition and fingerprint unlocking greatly improves the security of mobile phones. This is the first new feature added to the iPhone 13 Pro.

The second new feature is the 120Hz refresh rate. This iPhone 13 Pro uses an LPTO OLED panel with a resolution of 2K. This super panel adds a layer of oxide film. As mentioned earlier, the screen thickness is also thinner, the touch is more sensitive, the peak screen brightness is 1800 nits, and the LPTO OLED panel can automatically control the screen refresh rate in the range of 1~120Hz, which is Said it will switch intelligently with the screen display effect. The biggest benefit of this function is to free your hands and no need to perform extra operations. The lower the refresh rate, the lower the power consumption.

The third new feature is the rear 4 lens. The iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with a rear 3 lens + radar laser scanner combination, which has made a very obvious improvement in taking pictures. The radar laser scanner can accurately increase the focusing speed, and quickly identify the subject in the scene regardless of night or day shooting.


The iPhone 13 Pro integrates this function with the newly added zoom lens. As you can see from the concept map, it is equipped with 4 rear lenses. The four lenses have 16 million pixels and support deep fusion technology. The ultra-wide-angle lens also supports 1 cm macro shooting. The two zoom lenses support 5x lossless optical zoom, and the radar laser scanner assists the zoom shooting effect.

In addition, Apple is still concerned about the true and full-screen iPhone. Recently, it is still discussing whether to cancel the charging port of a certain iPhone model and switch to wireless charging methods such as MagSafe.

What is unknown now is that after Apple cancels the wired connection, can data exchange other than charging be achieved wirelessly? For example, connect to PC to flash and so on.

It is also worth mentioning today that for the cancellation of the charging port, the possibility of cancellation starting from the iPhone 12s is not high. After all, as a simple upgraded flagship model, it cannot be revolutionized so thoroughly. It is likely to be released. Next year’s iPhone 13 (tentatively named) will be reformed. After all, the iPhone 13 will have a new appearance and new configuration upgrades. At this time, users who want to start don’t care about the charging port anymore. After all, the included charging is now cancelled. It has not affected the sales of iPhone in the slightest, not to mention this is a fully upgraded mobile phone, which is more attractive to users.

In addition, what Mingmei wants to say is: Apple’s product naming is always inexplicable and never rigid. Why is Apple so keen on obscure operations? In fact, the main reason for the confusion of Apple’s name is to tell Guofen not to care about the model and hardware of the product. Apple’s products focus on the best user experience. The newly released IPad is just like the processor used two years ago, which is rarely available on Android devices. Including the computer industry, which company’s new computers used processors two years ago? There is only one apple.

However, the products of the “s” generation are generally sold in the Chinese market. For example, the iPhone 4s, which opened up in China at the beginning, and the iPhone 5s, which was almost one-man, and then the iPhone 6s/Plus, which reached its peak. series. Looking back at the past generations of iPhones in the domestic market, all those with s are mature, volume, and classic models!

And looking at these old classics, it has been prosperous for three years entirely because of the entry of the 4G era. The 5G era is now in the ascendant, which means that at least the next three years of iPhone will rely on the dividends of the 5G replacement wave to ensure hot sales. If you compare it, the future iPhone 12s will be positioned on par with the previous iPhone 6s/plus series.

Therefore, Mingmei boldly predicts that Apple’s next-generation iPhone 12s will undoubtedly become popular and become a classic!

Finally, it can be said that the only iPhone 12 series in 2020 is the least worth mentioning. In fact, the iPhone has brought us fewer and fewer surprises, and the only reason for choice has changed from the previous “innovation” and “unique” to “habit” and “reassurance”. It is undeniable that it is quite difficult to achieve these points, but after all, the iPhone is a smartphone with a special status. Who wouldn’t want it to respond or even far exceed our expectations?

So, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s new generation of flagship new phones, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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