Hundreds of millions of apple fans are about to scream, Apple’s folding iPhone is already on the way!

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fold iPhone

Looking back at the past 2020, although the epidemic has caused a great negative impact on the world, the performance of the technology giant Apple is still strong. The iPhone 12 that supports 5G and the Mac with a self-developed ARM chip made the company a lot of attention. The annual revenue reached US$2,745, and the market value once exceeded US$20,000, making it the world’s highest and most profitable technology company.

fold iPhone

However, the criticism of Apple’s decline in innovation is also growing. Last year’s newly launched iPhone 12 returned to the classic vertical middle frame and front and rear double glass design. Although the apple fans were once again dominated by the “true fragrance” law, they have to admit that the iPhone 12 is far from the sensational effect that the iPhone 4 produced. After reaching the peak, what kind of strategy will Apple adopt to achieve greater glory?

Today, Ming Mei Wu is here to share some of the latest rumors about Apple’s folding iPhone.

First of all, there is a lot of information about folding screens in the mobile phone market recently, and many mobile phone manufacturers are developing folding screens. However, as a world-renowned mobile phone manufacturer, Apple has not launched a product for a long time, which is a great pity for many apple fans. And recent reports on the folding iPhone indicate that Apple may be developing this device.

According to media reports, Apple is considering launching a folding screen IPhone to compete with Samsung’s equipment. Apple has developed a foldable screen prototype for internal testing, but has not yet confirmed its plans to launch a foldable iPhone. According to people familiar with the matter, this development work has not yet expanded beyond the display, which means that Apple’s laboratory does not have a complete mobile phone prototype.

According to reports, the first foldable iPhone will use the super-ceramic glass panel used on the iPhone 12, and will be chemically treated to ensure that it will not break when bent, effectively reducing creases, and avoiding the screen experience after multiple folding decline.

It is also said that Apple has achieved a display design with “almost invisible hinges.” The foldable screen tested by Apple has an invisible hinge, and its electronic components are located behind the screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

fold iPhone

Earlier it was also reported that Apple’s foldable iPhone would not adopt a folding screen solution. Instead, it would use a screen similar to the iPhone 12 series and be equipped with two independent screens. Unfolding can also achieve a similar folding screen effect. The screen looks Continuous and seamless.

But which scheme Apple will ultimately adopt to design the first foldable screen is still uncertain, and we need to wait for Apple’s official news.

Many fans believe that Apple will not “plagiarize” other mobile phone brands in design, so what the foldable iPhone will look like in the end, and whether it will bring some unexpected highlights to the fans, is very worth looking forward to.

In addition, many sources have indicated that the first folding screen iPhone is expected to be released in 2022. The price starts at US$1,499 and exceeds RMB 10,000. It will be equipped with 8GB of memory and 1TB of storage.

But Bloomberg believes that the foldable iPhone is likely to “wait a few years” or “may never be launched in the end.” Apple’s main focus is on the flagship iPhone and iPad that will be launched in 2021.

The iPhone 13 model planned to be launched this year is not expected to have major changes in design, because the 2020 iPhone model marks a major technological and design reform. It is reported that Apple engineers will regard the 2021 iPhone as the “S” version of the 2020 model. In the past, Apple used the “S” naming method in the years when iPhone models were updated with smaller features.

fold iPhone

According to the report, although design changes are not expected to be large, Apple is testing the Touch ID fingerprint reader in the screen, which will mark a major change in the biometric system used by Apple’s flagship devices since the launch of the iPhone X.

Of course, Face ID is still supported, and the fingerprint under the screen will make it easier for iPhone users to unlock the iPhone using a mask.

Apple has also considered canceling the charging ports of some iPhone models and switching to wireless charging. It seems that this possibility still exists in this year’s new phones.

In addition, Mingmei understands that Bloomberg’s report today also confirmed that AirTags is expected to be launched in 2021, and reiterated the iPad Pro rumors that Apple is developing a mini-LED display and faster processor New models.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuyou wants to say is: 2021 will also be the most intensive year for the market of folding screen mobile phones. Of course, this is also the opening of the next new track, and major manufacturers are still expected to have more and better performances.

But is the future really the world of folding screen phones? At present, I think it is not.

As mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, mobile phones can do more and more things, and mobile phone screens are getting bigger and bigger. It seems that folding the screen will directly halve the storage area of ​​the screen, which is very convenient to carry. But for this portable goal, there seem to be more problems, such as body strength, screen creases, hinge life, hinge stability and so on. And more importantly, folding can reduce volume, but it cannot reduce weight.

So at present, I think that the folding screen is just a signboard used by each to show their technical strength to the outside world. However, the folding screen looks really cool, and it can also bring some freshness to the current homogenized mobile phone market.

I don’t know what everyone thinks?

So, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s folding iPhone, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited and participate in the discussion!


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