IPhone 13 may return to TouchID, and apple fans calls: Ye Qing back!

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iPhone 13

I believe that there are fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. Although Apple’s iPhone 12 series has only been released for three months, as 2021, some fans have begun to look forward to the arrival of the new iPhone.

iPhone 13

In the past few months, everyone used to call the new iPhone in 2021 the iPhone 13, especially after the “Thirteen Fragrance” stalk spread, the name of the iPhone 13 seems to be a certainty in the home.

Recently, some foreign media have released the latest news of the new iPhone, and the new iPhone is probably not called iPhone 13, but it will probably be named iPhone 12S. As in previous years, it is expected to be released in September or October this year.

According to convention, the iPhone “S” will not change much in appearance design, but this year’s iPhone 12S may break the routine and make adjustments to the iconic “big bangs” for the first time.

It is expected that this will be achieved by using the latest Direct ToF technology instead of the existing Face ID components. This design will significantly reduce the volume of the 3D structured light sensor module. In addition, the iPhone 12s Pro and iPhone 12s Pro Max may also use Samsung’s LTPO screens. The refresh rate can range from 10Hz to 120 Hz, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the screen, but it depends on the usage scenario. At the same time, Apple may also add frame rate synchronization technology to intelligently adjust the screen refresh rate.

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that if you have anything to complain about the iPhone 12 in 2020, then “face unlock” and “lack of high brush” are undoubtedly the most significant points. Yes, starting with the iPhone X, Face ID has become Apple’s new secure unlocking method. In the past, many people have praised its insensitivity, speed, and convenience.

However, the new crown epidemic has changed this. When everyone puts on a mask, we will find that the iPhone’s “Face Unlock” will fail in all likelihood. Apple officials have realized this afterwards and made targeted improvements, but the effect is still not good. It is precisely because of the outbreak that Apple rethinks the importance of “fingerprint unlocking.”

iPhone 13

This is not according to foreign media reports that TouchID may return soon, and it is likely to be carried by the iPhone13 series. Prior to this, iPhoneSE brought the TouchID design to the market, but it was not essentially a brand new product due to design factors, so TouchID was not a return in the true sense. In other words, only the iPhone 13 series or other new products can be called TouchID return. And if you want to add TouchID under the premise of the current full-screen design, then the iPhone 13 series mobile phones are most likely to be unlocked by the fingerprint under the screen.

Due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic since 2020, it has become the norm for people to wear masks when going out on a daily basis, and the facial recognition function is no longer in normal use. Compared with the traditional fingerprint recognition, there is a significant disadvantage in unlocking efficiency. Many users look forward to the return of Touch ID.

In addition, previously, Guo Mingchi predicted in the report that the iPhone 12 series are equipped with f/2.4, 5P and fixed-focus ultra-wide-angle lenses. He predicted that the new iPhone also has four models, and the size is the same as that of the iPhone 12. The two Pro versions of ultra-wide-angle lenses will be upgraded to f/1.8, 6P and autofocus.

Benefit from the camera upgrade, the new iPhone will provide a better photo experience. In addition, the new iPhone may increase the storage space from up to 512GB to 1TB.

In addition, the new phone will also use the LTPO screen provided by Samsung, which can support a higher refresh rate and greatly reduce screen power consumption. iPhone 12S will therefore also support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and it is also expected to add frame rate synchronization technology. , Supports intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate, and can automatically switch between 1-120Hz.

It is worth noting that some insiders said that Apple will cancel the charging interface on the next iPhone and use wireless charging. After the iPhone 12 was released last year, Apple also released a magnetic charger, which can be charged by magnetic attraction to the phone.

In addition, Apple’s upcoming flagship product will be paired with the A15 bionic chipset, using TSMC’s improved 5nm process technology. The improved manufacturing process is expected to further reduce power consumption and increase the battery life of the 5G iPhone.


Regarding the price of the iPhone 12S, a person familiar with the matter revealed that the new iPhone is more “friendly” than the iPhone 12, and is suitable for more users who want to replace the phone. The iPhone 12s conference is expected to be held in September this year.

Today, by the way, in fact, TouchID has gradually left consumers’ vision since the iPhone product line was stripped off, but with the release of the new iPhoneSE and iPadAir, the fingerprint function has returned to the stage again. The latest fingerprint recognition technology can provide users with a larger fingerprint recognition area, and the biometric data obtained has increased by more than 70%. In meeting the conditions of a full screen, it can greatly improve the user experience, and this creates an opportunity for the return of TouchID. As for whether Apple will “regain” TouchID eventually? We may wish to look forward to it together.

However, according to Apple’s past routines, the next-generation iPhone models will have various new features. That is to say, there is no guarantee that the iPhone 13 will actually be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint reader. You can recall that there have been many credible reports that Apple will use a 120Hz promotional display on the iPhone 12 Pro, but this feature was not finally put into production.

Finally, ridicule belongs to ridicule. Although the iPhone 12 has a lot of slots, it is undeniable that it is still full of highlights, and its overall strength and user experience are still not comparable to any other mobile phone. What’s more worth mentioning is that from the performance of the previous launch, the market demand for the iPhone 12 is still strong, and it is destined to be the mainstream product in the high-end mobile phone market this year. After the name change, the more powerful iPhone 13, will be market performance by then Naturally, it can be imagined?

What Mingmei Wuxian also wants to say is that the iPhone 13 series is far ahead of the iPhone 12 series in terms of appearance, screen or function, so the “13 fragrance” makes sense. Some netizens ridiculed that 13 is not because the iPhone 13 is better than the iPhone 12, but because the price of the iPhone 12 will be greatly reduced after the iPhone 13 is launched.

In fact, the iPhone 13 is not fragrant, and the price is the final decision. If the price is the same as that of the iPhone 12, or even drops slightly, users will definitely not hesitate to choose it. If the price goes up, it might as well buy iPhone 12 now and enjoy it early.

Now is the first month of 2021, so there is not much news about iPhone 13/12S. In the future, with the exposure of supply chain and other news, the specific configuration of iPhone 13/12S will become more and more clear.

In addition to the above points, what are your expectations for the iPhone 13 series?

In the end, Mingmei Wuxian came to select a few comments from Mingmei Wufan fans on the official account:

Orangutan looking up at the starry sky: In fact, every time on the iPad pro, there are more or less small previews of the next generation iPhone, such as: LiDAR side fingerprint;

Shui Shui Shui Shui Shui Shui otter: In the past, fingerprint recognition, in winter, everyone said that I wear gloves, changed my face to recognize, and said I was wearing a mask;

Xu Yumo: After the epidemic, I have input enough passwords for my entire life to be honest. I must change if there is fingerprint recognition;

TenderLee_: Who would have imagined that face recognition has become the most useless unlocking method, and no structured light can work.

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