iPhone 14 ushered in its first exposure: Has Apple also started to learn from Huawei?

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iPhone 14

I believe that some fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should understand that compared to everyone who is no stranger to iPhone, although the share of domestic shares has declined in recent years, it has to be admitted that the iPhone series products are still being used. Consumers are paying great attention, especially under the premise of rapid development of mobile phone products in recent years. After all, many people are waiting for Apple to launch “amazing” technology again, rather than continuing the design style as in the past two years.

iPhone 14

The news of iPhone 14 came so early! Regarding Apple’s upcoming new mobile phone series, the most popular one is the iPhone 13, which has already ushered in 14 information exposure before it is released.

A few days ago, the latest news from the Apple industry chain said that Apple will introduce off-screen fingerprints and cancel Liu Haiping on the iPhone next year. The rendering of iPhone14 Pro was suddenly exposed on the Internet today. The design of the rendering is very interesting-the volume physical button will be cancelled.

From the picture point of view, the iPhone 14 Pro will cancel the physical volume button, and use the tap and slide method to operate the volume increase and decrease. At the same time, it can also realize one-key mute operation by sliding.

This also coincides with Huawei’s idea. Huawei has cancelled the physical buttons on the Mate 30 Pro as early as the Mate 30 Pro model. However, due to the design of the waterfall screen, the screen can be extended to both sides, directly through the screen to achieve virtual The effect of the key.

But Apple will adopt a different solution. The iPhone 14 Pro volume button will be equipped with a home button design similar to that of the iPhone 7. Although the physical buttons are eliminated, the pressure sensitivity can be combined with the Taptic Engine to simulate the operation feedback of the physical buttons.

Combining previous news, Apple has been exploring a truly wireless and portless design over the years. If the solution of canceling the physical volume buttons is adopted, then it is the first step to realize the whole body without holes.

iPhone 14

In addition, there is news that the charging interface will disappear, and there are rumors that wireless charging will be fully popularized in the new iPhone next year. If a punch-free design can be realized on the overall body, the waterproof performance of the phone will be greatly improved.

This also means that the future iPhone will not even come with a data cable. It can only be said that Apple sacrificed too much for environmental protection. However, judging from the MagSafe magnetic device released by Apple this year, it is still very possible for Apple to cancel the charging port. If all mobile phones follow up in the future, wireless charging devices will have a very large market.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning today that recently, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released the latest report, bringing everyone news about the iPhone 14: The iPhone 14 series in 2022 may adopt the VC cooling system.

All the apple fans who know Mingmei Infinite should know it. Guo Mingchi: The industry refers to this person as the first brother of Apple broke the news, because this person has a very good understanding of the upstream information of Apple’s supply chain, and he is also an industry analyst. So he can accurately predict what will happen to the next generation of iPhone models, as long as the reports he releases are basically accurate.

It’s not that Guo Mingchi released the latest report. The focus of this report is the iPhone 14 series in 2022 or the VC cooling system. Apple is currently testing the VC (Vapor Chamber) heat dissipation system used on the iPhone. If the test is successful, the iPhone in 2022 may be used, then it will be the iPhone 14 series.

In addition, the latest survey shows that due to the future increase in computing power and faster 5G connection speeds, high-end iPhones need to be equipped with VCs to meet higher heat dissipation requirements. At present, the iPhone has not yet adopted VC. The key is that the reliability test of VC cannot meet Apple’s high requirements. However, the timeline for VC reliability improvement is positively viewed, and it is expected that at least high-end iPhones will be equipped with VC in the near future.

Today, I would also like to mention that, before this, domestic mobile phones such as Redmi K30 Pro and Xiaomi 10 have adopted VC for heat dissipation.

Regarding how much Apple’s increase in heat dissipation will have on the Android mobile phone market, Mingmei believes that many users buy Android phones because the price is cheap enough. The iPhone 14 Pro series only have VC heat dissipation, which may have a certain impact on the sales of Android high-end flagships, but For most Android users, they don’t care whether the iPhone is equipped with VC cooling.

In addition, there is news that because “13” is an unlucky number overseas, Apple does not have the iPhone 13 series. In September this year, the new model that Apple will release is the iPhone 12s series.

Of course, the information about the new iPhone is just breaking news, not necessarily accurate, so just look at it.

iPhone 14

Finally, in general, Apple’s vision is good. As for the specific step that can be achieved, it depends on how Apple does it. For you, do you think Apple’s cancellation of physical buttons and the cancellation of the Lightning interface is worth recommending?

So, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s iPhone 14, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!


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