The real experience of the official version of iOS 14.4: it is clear whether it is updated!

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iOS 14.4

I believe that there are fans who continue to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. Apple released the official version of iOS/iPadOS 14.4 last week. The update includes: “Camera” can recognize smaller QR codes; “Settings” are added The option to categorize the type of Bluetooth device to correctly identify the headset for easy audio notification; iPhone 12 series models increase the notification function when the camera cannot be verified as a brand new genuine Apple camera, etc. In addition to bringing these new features, iOS/iPadOS 14.4 also fixes three very important vulnerabilities.

iOS 14

In a new support document released recently, Apple stated that iOS 14.4 fixes a kernel vulnerability and two WebKit vulnerabilities, which “may have been actively exploited.” In other words, both criminals and hackers may use these security vulnerabilities for some purpose.

The affected devices are: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (seventh generation).

In order to avoid the user’s device data security, Apple strongly recommends that users upgrade to iOS 14.4 as soon as possible.

Although Apple will patch some similar underlying vulnerabilities in each version, Apple has released a special warning page this time, which shows that this vulnerability is indeed very serious.

In addition, the official version of iOS 14.4 also fixes the issue of artifacts in HDR photos taken with iPhone 12 Pro, the fitness widget does not display updated activity data, and the keyboard is not displayed in the correct language when using the Message App. After being interrupted by a voice prompt or Siri, the News in CarPlay cannot continue to play, and when the switching control of the auxiliary function is turned on, the device cannot answer the phone when it is locked, and so on.

However, it is worth mentioning that although iOS 14.4 is easy to use, it is best not to upgrade this type of iPhone, otherwise a “pop-up warning” may appear. It is reported that Apple has added a function to “check whether the iPhone lens is original” in the iOS 14.4 system, and will give a “pop-up warning” to those iPhones whose lens has been repaired.

iOS 14

In other words, users who have repaired the iPhone lens through unofficial channels are best not to upgrade to iOS 14.4, otherwise the frequent “pop-up warning” will affect the normal user experience. This is undoubtedly bad news for some apple fans, because many apple fans have experience in repairing iPhones.

Moreover, most apple fans choose unofficial channels for repairing their mobile phones. After all, Apple’s after-sales costs are too high for ordinary people to afford. But this time Apple has made up its mind to test third-party parts, so that iPhone repair records are hidden from view, and some users may be disturbed.

Apple recommends that users who need camera repairs go to Apple’s Apple Store, Apple’s authorized service provider to replace the iPhone camera, or through Apple’s mail support. Independent repairers can also provide genuine camera repair parts for replacement outside the warranty period.

This is not the first time Apple has issued a warning when repairing an iPhone with non-genuine parts. Similar warning notices also appear when repairs are performed using unverified displays and repair agencies use non-genuine iPhone batteries.

Prior to this, Apple officials had been “open one eye and close one eye” for third-party repairs until the arrival of iOS 14.4. In Ming Mei Wu’s personal opinion, first of all, this approach can help the correct repair of the iPhone. And more importantly, this will further increase revenue for Apple. You must know that the annual maintenance costs for the top three iPhones in the world are very high.

However, the opposition to this official action is obviously higher than that of support. After all, this means that more maintenance costs need to be paid, but what do you think of this?

In addition to the above-mentioned main new features, iOS also brings the following functional improvements, such as HomePodmini air-play improvement, Apple’s HomePodmini released last year, equipped with U1 ultra-wideband chip, using the same U1 chip iPhone close When it is, the mobile phone will have visual, auditory and tactile effects. The closer you get, the stronger the vibration and the better the air-playing experience. Also, after the latest version of AppleWatch has been upgraded, a new dial has been added for interested apple fans. Friends can try.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mingmei Unlimited today is that recently, foreign YouTuber iAppleBytes has conducted battery life tests on a variety of old iPhones. The models participating in the test are iPhone SE (first generation) (98%, the system reads the maximum battery capacity value, the same below), iPhone 6S (100%), iPhone 7 (100%), iPhone 8 (99%), iPhone XR (96%), iPhone 11 (100%), iPhone SE (second generation) (100%).

iOS 14

The test method is to test in iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.3 through the built-in battery life running tool of Geekbench 4 (the screen brightness is manually set to 25%).

According to the actual test results, the battery life of iPhone 6S, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (first generation) and iPhone SE (second generation) is not much different between iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.3.

The battery performance of iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 on iOS 14.4 has been significantly improved. What is more surprising is that the battery life of iPhone 11 can be extended by about half an hour after upgrading to iOS 14.4.

In this iOS 14.4 update, the official does not point out that it will improve the battery life, but from the test, it can be known that for the old iPhone models, it has brought significant battery performance improvement. If you upgrade to iOS 14.4, it will feel obvious. The battery is not the same as the test result. It is recommended to check the battery health and the number of cycles first. If the health is less than 80% or the number of cycles exceeds 500 times, the battery should be replaced to return the battery life to the required level .

In addition, Ming Mei Wu is here to talk about the real situation of my use: I have used iOS 14.4 for three days, and my phone is iPhone 12 Pro Max. What I feel most is that it runs very smoothly, except for a few cases. The main desktop will freeze for a while, but it will not drop frames. This is much better than iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.3. The previous situation will give you a pause from time to time, especially after you run out of camera, and then open other applications for a while. There is no way to stop and drop frames. In short, iOS 14.4 performed well in terms of fluency. As for the crash mentioned by a friend, I have never encountered it. Except for a financial (banking) application that often crashes, the rest is perfect. Fluency and stability reach the standard.

However, according to user feedback, the official version of iOS 14.4 is basically the same as iOS 14.3 in terms of power consumption and fluency. Therefore, if your iPhone is currently in stable use, it may not be necessary to update to this version. In this way, you only need to block the iOS system update.

Of course, although it is a new system, some bugs are still there. For example, the iPhone 12 reported by friends of Mingmei Unlimited Official Account Guofen is often automatically logged out. There are also issues such as displaying English text messages.

Therefore, Mingmei Wuxian is here to give some upgrade suggestions to the fans who have been following me so far: If you have already upgraded to the official version of iOS 14.3, then it is recommended to update, because there is no obvious difference in battery life between the two versions, but you can get a lot of upgrades. new function. In my opinion, maybe the battery life is not strong, it is more different from personal usage habits than the system version.

On the whole, the official version of iOS 14.4 is quite satisfactory. There are no big surprises. The heat phenomenon has increased, but the battery life seems to be more friendly to older models. If your iPhone is relatively stable, it is not recommended to upgrade.

Finally, Mingmei Wuxian would like to mention by the way: less than half a year after the release of iPhone 12, users complained about poor signal and green screen issues, and Apple tried to fix it through software upgrades. But there is one thing that Mingmei is infinitely puzzled. After the green screen door was fermented, Apple said that it would solve it through software services. It is reasonable that this is a hardware problem. How can it be fixed through software? Fortunately, the green screen problem of iPhone 12 is a probabilistic problem. Many users have not encountered such problems. It eventually became the world’s best-selling 5G mobile phone, with shipments exceeding 10 million units. At present, Jingdong has reduced the price to 6,099 yuan. , Presumably it will trigger a wave of machine replacement!