The discontinuation of iPhone 12 mini is imminent, major reasons are exposed!

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Today, foreign media broke the news that Apple will discontinue production of the iPhone 12 mini in the second quarter of this year. According to the news, the iPhone 12 mini will stop production in June of this year, and the iPhone 12 mini’s fate is too unbearable.

iPhone 12 mini

So, today, Mingmei will come to share with the fans who have been following me to this day about the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 12 mini.

As we all know, IPhone 12 mini is the small screen flagship mobile phone launched by Apple last year. The market performance of this small screen flagship mobile phone is really very poor. According to statistics from research institutions, the overall proportion of iPhone mini is very low, accounting for only 6% of the iPhone 12 series. As its big brother, iPhone 12 sales accounted for as much as 50%. The data has clearly shown that the market demand for the iPhone 12 mini is very weak. Although the online voice is very high, there are still a few users willing to buy this phone.

Therefore, iPhone 12 mini may be discontinued early. According to the latest news, Apple is expected to discontinue production of this phone in the second quarter. If the iPhone 12 mini is discontinued in the second quarter of this year, then the iPhone 12 mini can be said to be the iPhone with the shortest life cycle in Apple’s history.

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Of course, the discontinuation of production will not disappear from the market immediately. Perhaps Apple has miscalculated the format, which has caused the iPhone 12 mini to be under pressure. There will still be a lot of spot circulating on the market.

In fact, for Apple, the iPhone 12 mini will naturally not be an explosive model, and at the same time, the iPhone SE 2 is positioned as a small size, and the iPhone SE Plus will also be coming in the future. Among so many small-size models, The iPhone 12 mini is the least cost-effective for Apple’s own interests.

First of all, the iPhone SE 2 and the iPhone SE Plus, which may be launched in the future, are both inventory clearance tools, which can consume the remaining parts in the past while gaining revenue.

Since the launch of the iPhone 12 mini, the only advantage is that it is small and exquisite. This is a model with more shortcomings than advantages. Today’s smart phones are not just devices that people use to communicate, but their daily entertainment functions are far higher than communication needs. Let consumers spend five or six thousand to buy a mobile phone with only a 5.4-inch screen, and battery life is a problem?

Also worth mentioning today is that the iPhone SE released by Apple in the first half of 2020 is a truly cost-effective iPhone.

The iPhone SE is equipped with the A13 chip and pre-installed with the iOS 13 system. The fluency in actual use is not much different from that of the iPhone 12 mini.

But you should know that the official price of iPhone SE is only 3299 yuan, and in the hands of some e-commerce platforms or third-party merchants, the price is even as low as 2000+.

In addition, it seems that after getting used to large-screen phones, the small-screen iPhone 12 mini phone is not so in line with the user’s habits, and the iPhone 12 mini is only a single-card single-standby phone, and the small-screen iPhone 12 mini has relatively small battery capacity Some have worse battery life, which also leads to pre-cooling of iPhone 12 mini mobile phone sales.

Therefore, on the whole, although the iPhone 12 mini has strong performance, it is not unreasonable that it is not popular in the market.

In addition, the reason why Apple continues to produce the small-screen iPhone13mini this year is that the production line may overlap with the iPhone12mini. On the other hand, it may also be that small-screen phones still have a large market. Last year, Apple launched the new iPhoneSE in the small-screen mobile phone market, which stimulated the replacement of the small-screen market, and the subsequent iPhone12mini will face fewer small-screen replacement users. This year’s iPhone 13mini may or may not be able to arouse more users’ demand for replacement. Even if Apple retains the mini production line, the output should be strictly controlled.

iPhone 12 mini

So, why are you reluctant to buy iPhone 12 mini? If you have anything else to say about Apple’s iPhone 12 mini being discontinued, please leave a message in the comment area to Mingmei Unlimited to participate in the discussion!