A good meal is not afraid of being late! iPhone 13 has finally renamed the “Thirteen Fragrance”!

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iPhone 13

The Spring Festival has passed, and people are gradually returning to normal life and work. Major companies have also gone to work normally. News about major brands of mobile phones has also spread overwhelmingly. Among them, the most shocking news is about iPhone 13. .

iPhone 13

As we all know, the iPhone 12 series is the first 5G mobile phone released by Apple. However, this series of mobile phones has many problems and has been criticized by netizens. However, it is undeniable that the iPhone 12 cannot escape the “law of true fragrance”, and its sales are very amazing.

Perhaps Apple is well aware of this. In order to reshape its brand image, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 has changed a lot this year.

So, what are the news about the iPhone 13 this time? Mingmei unlimited can only say, far more than you think.

This is not over time, the iPhone 12 series has officially entered the lives of many people. Because of this, related news about the iPhone 13 series is gradually being dug out. But before I look at it, I would like to talk to everyone, don’t let the news broke, so I seem to be very dumb. Then let’s not say much, let’s take a look.

First of all, the latest news said that this year’s Apple iPhone will be held as scheduled in September and will not be postponed as last year. Same as the iPhone 12 series, the latest 13 series will still have 4 new models, followed by the iPhone 13. mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13

According to the latest information released by foreign media, it is basically consistent with the previously exposed news. The new iPhone 13 Pro will basically continue the design ideas of the previous iPhone 12 series. It will still use the full screen and flat middle frame design with bangs, just bangs. The area is slightly reduced, and the screen has also been upgraded to a 6.1-inch Samsung LTPO screen, which supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which can automatically adjust the refresh rate according to the content being displayed on the screen to save power. In addition, the machine is also expected to integrate screen fingerprint unlocking, and when the TouchID function returns, it will also retain the FaceID function.

In fact, as early as when Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 were launched, they were equipped with LPTO OLED screens. Because it has power-saving features, it also supports automatic adjustment of the screen refresh rate on demand, as low as 1Hz, as high as 120Hz. But Apple’s battery is too small, and LPTO cost is higher, so Apple has been enduring useless. But it’s not too late for a good meal. The iPhone 13 is a good thing.

If you want to come to Apple, there is no problem of being behind. On February 16, the information disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark Office showed that Apple also submitted a patent for increasing the iPhone’s native refresh rate to 2 or even 4 times the speed.

iPhone 13

Although this news has made many fans rush to tell, but objectively speaking, its value is also limited.

There are two reasons. One is that there are too few high-frame-rate video materials. Everyone’s impression of 120Hz video still stays at Ang Lee’s “Gemini Killer” and “Lynn’s Midfield War”, right? Another reason is that there are too few games. After all, mobile phones are not computers, so battery life and heat dissipation must be considered.

But no matter how you say it, Apple mentions the refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes friends who want to start iPhone 13 feel more confident.

Of course, whether it is the impact of the epidemic or Apple’s in order to increase the innovation of iPhone, it is very attractive to equip TouchID again. The Wall Street Journal and other foreign media reported that although the innovation of the iPhone 13 (new iPhone in 2021) may not be radical enough, according to former Apple employees, Apple is already developing under-screen fingerprint technology, so it is expected to support under-screen fingerprints for the first time this year. Recognition.

It is also worth mentioning that Mingmei Wuxian today is that Apple will use optical under-screen fingerprint recognition instead of ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, and at the same time, it will meet the existing TouchID technology standards in terms of security. In addition, Apple will not cancel FaceID, so the bangs on the iPhone will not disappear. Keeping FaceID is not only to provide facial recognition, but also to ensure the selfie experience.

In other respects, according to previously exposed news, the new iPhone 13 Pro will be equipped with a new A15 bionic processor, support Wi-Fi6E technology, and can bring a faster Wi-Fi experience. At the same time, industry insiders said that the technology will further pave the way for Apple’s VR/AR experience.

It is worth noting that the charging interface at the bottom of the iPhone 13 Pro has been completely flattened, leaving only the Mic and speaker openings. It is reported that it will use the MagSafe magnetic + wireless charging mode to completely replace wired charging.

It is also revealed that Apple may launch an additional iPhone without any interface, becoming Apple’s first “completely wireless” iPhone. According to earlier news from Bloomberg, Apple has tested this product internally. However, for this product, we believe that it may not be ruled out that it may be a folding screen iPhone. If the guess is true, then according to Apple’s tonality, it should belong to the “unaffordable series” product.

In addition, although the appearance of the iPhone 13 series is exactly the same as the iPhone 12 series, Apple uses a stronger magnet for MagSafe. Therefore, the whistleblower speculates that the thickness of the iPhone 13 series has increased by 0.26 mm. In addition, in terms of taking pictures, iPhone 13 will provide a new photography mode-astrophotography. This allows users to take clearer photos of the night sky including the stars and moon. Just point the iPhone at the sky, and it can automatically enter the astrophotography mode with longer exposure time and more internal processing functions. In addition, Apple has also added a portrait mode video to the iPhone 13. After recording the video, users can change the depth of field in post-production. This will be where the 5nm A15 bionic chip comes in.

Mingmei infinitely adds to the camera aspect. The camera module specifications of the iPhone 13 Pro are similar to those of the iPhone 12 Pro, but the autofocus capability of the ultra-wide-angle camera will be significantly improved. In addition, the camera module part will be blackened to reduce the image of the appearance of the body.

The analyst also found that the telephoto lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max both have an aperture of f/2.2 and a focal length of 65mm. This means that the iPhone 13’s camera capabilities will get a qualitative leap. With Apple’s super algorithm, the iPhone 13 may become a new generation of camera phones.

Mingmei Unlimited today also by the way, according to the current news, Apple’s iPhone 13 screen suppliers can almost confirm that they are still Samsung and LG. The reason is that Apple decided to use low temperature for some models starting from the iPhone 13. Crystal oxide (LTPO) thin film transistors (TFT). In this regard, South Korea’s Samsung and LG have great advantages. But considering that BOE has passed the review of the iPhone 12 series, it is not ruled out that BOE will get an order for the iPhone 13 series.

In addition, it is reported that BOE also intends to provide Apple with Micro OLED panels for VR and AR products.

However, Mingmei is still the same. Although every time a new machine is exposed, some news is finally verified to be true and some are false, but we still have to be rational. After all, the official has not confirmed it, so it is in a state of Schrodinger. If you are wrong, then I really can’t help it. So, do you have any different opinions on this matter? Also welcome to have a harmonious discussion in the comment area below.

The above is the recent news about the iPhone 13. From the perspective of Mingmei, the overall credibility is quite high. Because this year’s A15 processor has minimal improvement compared to the A14 processor, Apple is bound to work hard elsewhere.

It can be said that although Apple now has the right to speak in the field of high-end devices, due to the lack of innovation of the iPhone in the past two years, it has still been criticized by the outside world. If Cook can aggressively adopt the fingerprints under the screen to cancel the big bangs this time, and support the celestial display technology, it will undoubtedly be a big upgrade. The iPhone 13 is still worth looking forward to, and the 13 may be really fragrant.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: In summary, the iPhone 13 will be a powerful flagship phone, but at the same time, the defects of the phone are also obvious. While mobile phone manufacturers continue to improve the performance of mobile phones, battery life has become a shortcoming of many flagship mobile phones.

Thinking back to the era of Nokia, whether it was a smart phone or a candy bar phone. In terms of endurance, it can meet the needs of most users. Nowadays, the performance of mobile phones is up, but it often takes a few hours to charge. This will be a big blow to many heavy users.

So, I don’t know if these improvements of the iPhone 13 this year have won your heart. For Mingmei Infinite, as long as Apple does a good job of charging battery life and signal, thank God.

In the end, no matter what, the arrival of the iPhone 13 is an irreversible fact. Although Apple has not released any official news, this does not affect people’s predictions and inferences. I just hope that iPhone 13 can bring a better experience to apple fans, don’t let them wait in vain.

What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message to Mingmei Wuxian in the comment area and transfer the original articles that Mingmei Wuxian insists on.