The details of the new iOS 14.5 system are revealed, and Apple is opening up more and more

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iOS 14.5

Recently, Apple released the second beta version of iOS 14.5, which brings some new features, such as adding support for writing with Apple Pencil in 5 languages. But what users like most is that in this new version, Apple allows users to change the default application.

iOS 14.5

We all know that in the iOS system, Apple can give users their own independent choice has always been very few, compared to the various functions of Android can be customized and personalized settings, Apple has always pursued “You can use whatever I ask you to use” strategy, but the second beta version of iOS 14.5 seems to open more options.

First of all, in this year’s iOS 14, Apple finally opened up to users the ability to change the default browser and email. And now some sharp-eyed Reddit netizens have discovered that Apple now allows users to change the default music player in Siri voice commands.

Specifically, if you play a song through Siri, it will automatically be played in the service of your choice.

Currently, if you want Siri to play a song on Spotify, you must specify the application in the command.

However, in the latest Beta version update of iOS 14.5, when you ask Siri to play a song for the first time, it will present a list of installed music apps and remember your choice.

iOS 14.5

Although there is no option to change the default music player in the 14.5 Beta settings application, it can be changed in the first settings of Siri.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mingmei Wuxian today is that Apple has also improved and adjusted the subscription form experience. The first is the subscription name of the form. The format is no longer all uppercase, but normal case, which makes the subscription form easier to read. The second is the text on the form, replacing the “App Store” mark with “Apple Pay” so that customers can clearly know that they are buying something. Then there is the text at the bottom of the table. The interpretation of the free trial is “free for 3 days”, which is more concise than iOS 14.4. There is also a text explanation about the price, which is placed directly above the confirmation animation, and from the previous “$X/week” (X dollars / week) to “$X per week” (X dollars per week).

In addition, the latest system also supports native language writing in certain countries. This may be a project that users in many small-language countries have been calling for updates before, but it has finally been realized.

In addition, some Apple product users even bluntly said that although iOS is a closed system, starting from iOS 14, they have clearly felt Apple’s adjustment attitude, which is worthy of praise.

iOS 14.5

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: From here we can see that in this era, the importance of firmly grasping resources, especially your resources are unique in a certain region, and users need to make choices , And as a mobile phone manufacturer, in order to satisfy the user experience, it has to make a choice.

It can also be said that although Apple’s exclusivity on the iOS system has given it unlimited glory, after all, with the continuous development of the times, more and more users will also put forward more needs, and as a mobile phone circle As far as the largest Apple company is concerned, it is indeed necessary to consider the details of daily use for our billions of apple fans worldwide.

Of course, many of our apple fans still have to expect Apple to make more concessions on the iOS system.

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